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Elaine Soones

 Just wanted to say I’ve been using STAROAK MAGNETIC THERAPY for over two years now


 I first started using them on my then 19/20-year-old   thoroughbred who has arthritis.

I had Hughie injected for arthritis, unfortunately this didn’t help him, so he was on one Bute a day.

Hughie had been wearing the WRAPS for a few days and I noticed a difference, so I lowered his Bute to ½ a day then a few days after that to ½ every other day

At this point a friend asked my why I was giving him Bute. I was scared to take him off just in case!

I bit the bullet and took him off Bute

Hughie still wears the STAROAK MAGNECTIC WRAPS

I have retired him and at 22 he now lives out in a herd and is living his best life, at some point he may need to go back on Bute, however for now he doesn’t so all of his organs are not being affected by drugs and its kinder on my bank balance.


Coffers my 12-year-old Ex racehorse he had a fractured pelvis whilst in racing, and is a box walker, however I would not of said that he didn’t need magnetic therapy as he was fit young horse. I was wrong!

I put the leg wraps on Coffers, and they immediately reduced the box walking and Coffers for the first time laid down in his stable.

I then started using the Hock Boots and wow they have made a massive difference in his way of going as Coffers has always struggled to push from behind. I put the hock boots on Pre & Post ride, and I always travel him to shows in them

We have gone from not wanting to go forwards to riding British Dressage Elementary.

This has been achieved by a combination of good training and making Coffers more comfortable. I do not use drugs with Coffers unless I absolutely need to as he is an ulcer prone horse

I recently got a Poll Pad and when I tried it on Coffers in the yard, he literally fell asleep wearing it, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any photos or video of this, I will try to after he has had his Christmas break and give you an update on how he gets on with it.


I would never say you shouldn’t follow your veterinary’s advice; however, I would say these products are worth using alongside your vets advice and maybe as an alternative to keep the condition at bay

Integer acam

APHA Northern Show

We are every happy to be sponsoring this show for the first time this year. Will be great to see this show. This club has been running for 30 years and still going strong.  We are sponsoring with poll pads / hock boots and wraps.  
Good Luck to everyone..