Staroak Magnetic
Horse Wraps

Whether your horse is a happy hacker or a top level
competition horse. These magnetic horse wraps are naturally beneficial for equine management. 

Made in the UK

1. We make them by hand and are proud of our product.       
2. Every care is taken in the quality.
3. We are available to make any size of our products as they are made in house. 

Magnetic Horse Wraps


 1. Helping horses recovery after competing or strenuous exercise.

2. Helping horses with arthritis and stiffness.
3. Helping with recovery after injury.
4. Helping horses reduce fluid build up in legs when stabled.
5. Can be worn 24/7 in stable and field.
6. Can be washed and towel dried and put straight back on .
7. 2800 gauss and grade 5.
8. We use this strength magnetics as we want to increase blood flow and but not to irritate.

Magnetic Poll Pad

1. Helping to relieve stiffness when travelling.2. Helping with stress when travelling.
3. Helping to soften muscle tension.
4. Soft and light.
5. Has 20 magnetics in each pad.
6 . 2800 gauss and grade 5.

Human Magnetic Wraps

1. Helping with arthritis
2. Helping to reduce inflammation
3. Helping to reduce stiffness.
4. Helping to increase blood flow


 Magnetic Dog wraps

1. Helping dogs who have active life for recovery for next day.
2. Helping dogs with arthritis and old age.
3. Helping dogs with circulation which helps with inflammation after injury.
4. Sold in pairs or sets of four.
5. Three magnetics in each wrap.
6. 2800 gauss and grade 5